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How to Use Your Employer Brand to Build a Strong Candidate Pipeline

Building a strong candidate pipeline doesn't..

A Journey Through Your Online Employment Brand Part 1: Receptive Ramon

As a talent acquisition professional, one of..

Do Cognitive HR Solutions Benefit Hiring Managers?

By now, you’ve heard all the buzz about..

How E&U firms can prepare for the coming wave of retirements

Jun 20, 2017 | Jason Berkowitz

Changing workforce demographics are set to have a major impact on energy and utility (E&U) companies. As much as 38% of the E&U workforce will be eligible for retirement in the next five years. Among the executive ranks the numbers are even higher — almost 60% will..


What do 15 global talent acquisition leaders have to tell you about measuring TA success?

Jun 13, 2017 | Helena Parry

One of the biggest challenges facing global talent acquisition leaders is accurately measuring the value that their work contributes to the success of their business.


In The Spotlight: Andrew Bercich, Solutions and Sales Executive

Jun 01, 2017 | Kara Zenk

Andrew Bercich serves as a Solutions and Sales Executive with IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization supporting the Healthcare, Life Sciences and Government sectors. His diverse talent acquisition experience enables him to design optimal client solutions.


How to Stop Losing Out on Quality Candidates

May 23, 2017 | Todd Allmond

Losing quality applicants because they don’t fit your current openings is a common talent acquisition problem.

You need to nurture relationships with interested candidates, keeping them engaged with your organization until the perfect-fit opening comes along.


4 Tips for Attracting Passive Candidates Through Social Media

May 17, 2017 | Todd Allmond

Passive candidates aren’t as passive as you think: 90 percent of global professionals admit they are interested in hearing about job opportunities.

Why shouldn’t they hear about yours?


In The Spotlight: Jason Berkowitz, Business Development Executive

May 05, 2017 | Kara Zenk

Jason Berkowitz serves as a Business Development Executive for IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization, where he focuses on crafting Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions for Financial Services and Communications organizations.


A Journey Through Your Online Employment Brand Part 4: Pay-Conscious Pete

Apr 28, 2017 | Mary Kate Gulick

There are probably as many different reasons to look for a job as there are people looking, and every experience is different. So how do you create and communicate a message that will speak to many different kinds of people?


A Journey Through Your Online Employment Brand Part 3: Hunting Harriet

Apr 21, 2017 | Mary Kate Gulick

Much attention is given to how talent acquisition professionals should attract passive candidates. When it comes to active candidates, we can spend less time on these prospects because we assume "post and pray" is an appropriate strategy.

But the truth is that it..


How Cognitive Technology Is Helping Talent Acquisition Be More Effective and Optimize Business Outcomes

Apr 19, 2017 | Rob Enright

If you’ve been following my blog series on how cognitive technology is transforming talent acquisition, you are likely seeing the potential it can have on your organization. So far during this blog series, I’ve covered how IBM cognitive capabilities can:


A Journey Through Your Online Employment Brand Part 2: Curious Chaitra

Apr 13, 2017 | Mary Kate Gulick


In the world of talent acquisition, it's all too commonplace for recruiters to try to corral every candidate into a one-size-fits-all process. But the truth is, every candidate's recruitment journey is wholly unique.