How to Use Your Employer Brand to Build a Strong Candidate Pipeline

Mar 15, 2017 |

Building a strong candidate pipeline doesn't happen overnight. However, organizations can both strengthen its employer brand and increase the likelihood candidates will join its talent communities by building and capitalizing on digital opportunities.

Candidates' opinions and perceptions of your employer brand is greatly influenced by what they learn online—media coverage, social networking, employee review sites like Glassdoor, personal testimonials, careers site and more. Regardless of the channel, it's important to consider how to use your employer brand to build a strong candidate pipeline at every digital opportunity.

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Taking a cue from marketing

Marketers often build their customers' willingness to invest in its products or services using similar steps from the diagram below. It involves building brand awareness, ensuring likeability, and determining the steps it takes to invest in its products or services.


We can use a similar approach in recruiting to build candidates' awareness and interest, and determining how to get them to invest in an organization as a place to work. Some candidates will be willing to invest much quicker than others, but the approach is the same: express your authentic organizational culture (awareness, likeability) and provide a streamlined experience toward becoming a part of your candidate pipeline (investment).


Brand Awareness

Building a strong candidate pipeline starts with awareness of what it's like to work there. Of course, not every organization can or will have the same brand awareness level as companies like Google, Apple, etc., but that's okay. What's important is that you have the appropriate level of awareness with your target audience. This may involve recruitment advertising, paid search or ramping up your social communications.



For candidates to progress from simply being aware of your company into wanting to be a part of it, they need to have a favorable view of your organization as a place to work. This is tough if there isn't a lot of information currently available. 

Regardless of how popular your company is in the media, you can leverage your owned outlets like your career site and social channels as an opportunity to express your organizational culture. Of course, the more candidates that like your brand the better, but only if it is authentic to your organization. The real goal is to have your message resonate with those that fit within your culture.



The last phase involves ease of investment. Similar to how a marketers focus on streamlining the online purchasing process for its customers, talent acquisition should focus on the online application process for its candidates. A candidate should be able to readily find information about what it's like to work there and easily make the path toward investing—whether that is joining your talent community or applying for a position.


Optimizing the Digital Recruitment Journey

It's time to capitalize on the online opportunities available to promote your employer brand. From optimizing your social channels to developing a comprehensive recruitment advertising campaign, there are opportunities to nurture and encourage candidates to take the valuable step on becoming a part of your talent community.

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Kara Zenk

Kara Zenk

Kara Zenk is the Digital Strategist Manager for IBM Employment Branding. In her role, she works with clients to develop social and digital media strategies and ...

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