Reaching Passive Candidates: What Motivates Them?

Jul 05, 2017 |

Recruiters understand that passive candidates do, in fact, keep an ear to the ground about job opportunities. They may not have embarked on a job hunt — filling out applications and submitting their resumes — but they’re aware of what’s happening in other departments and companies.

Here’s proof: the Jobvite 2017 Job Seeker Nation Study reports that 64% of job seekers say they are satisfied at work, but 81% of them are open to new job opportunities. Compare that with 2016, when 74% said they were satisfied with their job and 74% were open to another position. Job satisfaction has dropped, and employees are looking.

Why wouldn’t a competent, highly skilled employee be open to a new job? In fact, that’s exactly the kind of employee that organizations want — someone who seeks new challenges and opportunities.

So, let’s embrace the idea that most employees are open to the idea of a job change. The key for recruiters is to find out what will compel them to make the switch.

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The recruiter’s role: understanding motivators

What motivates a candidate to look for another job is as unique as the individual and often is related to their stage in life. Motivators can include:

  • Pay raise
  • Benefits
  • Promotion
  • Working for a dream company
  • The chance to relocate
  • Professional development
  • More pleasant work environment
  • Flexible work-life balance
  • Joining a dynamic team
  • Community involvement
  • Social causes

Recruiters spend much of their day managing tasks within an applicant tracking system or responding to hiring managers’ requests. These recruitment tasks are important, but they detract from a recruiter’s most critical role: having meaningful conversations with candidates about what motivates them, what they are passionate about and what would trigger a job change for them. 

Watch for my next blog post as we dive into the different ways an employer brand can help you use candidate motivators to reach the talent you are looking for. Until then, download The Digital Recruitment Journey eBook and learn how to apply your employment brand across every candidate interaction.

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“Reaching Passive Candidates” is a four-part blog series about how employment branding helps organizations source, attract and hire best-fit candidates.

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